Receiver: Build A Professional Mobile Website Designed for DJs

DJs & Producers Are Not Web Designers & Coders


Like EDM Ranks, Receiver is growth hacking tool for musicians. The company was started by Blake Edwards and David King, founders of two of Hype Machine’s most popular blogs, Earmilk and SalaciousSound. Earmilk helped to launch artists like Ellie Goulding, Odeza and many other EDM artists.

Receiver, which helps artists build a web and mobile web friendly presence online with their own domain in under 10 minutes. Receiver is a much needed tool for any Musicians, DJ or Producer today.

DJs & Producers Are Not Web Designers & Coders

Lets be real, If you are an EDM DJ or producer you dont want to spend your time playing around building websites; you want to spend time doing what you love; producing electronic music.

Receiver is the simplest way for an artist to build their own mobile ­ready music website with marketing tools that help them grow and reach their fanbase.

“We’ve always shared a similar vision, that artists deserve to reach their fans.”

David King

Says King, who has also booked artists like Zeds Dead, Azari and III, and many more for some of their earliest live shows.

The mobile web site presence Receiver builds for EDM Artists, DJs and producers or any musician is optimized to reaching fans and letting them easily listen to your music on your mobile website, As well as tracking statics and monetizing your site with ads.

Receiver is launching through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Still in its early stages; Receiver will be working closely with founding users to flesh out an analytics dashboard that give artists suggestions based on data driven insights as to how they can grow their audience.

“Data is transforming the way that so many companies do business,”

Says Sameena Velshi, an attorney with a background in big data product management who joined Receiver this year.

“At Receiver we hope to give artists the ability to more effectively understand their audience using better data points.”

With a team that has previous experience managing product for big data startups, intellectual property law, and backgrounds in data science ­ there is more to Receiver than meets the ear.

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