Florida Governor Wants ‘Freedom and Democracy’ in Venezuela & For Leopoldo Lopez


After almost 150 days of protests in Venezuela, Florida Governor Rick Scott has called for freedom in the country during a rally in South Florida on Monday.

“The movement for democracy and freedom cannot stop for Venezuela,” Scott said during the rally at El Arepazo, a Venezuelan restaurant in Doral, Florida.

Governor Rick Scott hosted a Venezuelan Freedom Rally at El Arepazo where he was joined by hundreds of Venezuelan and Latin America Floridians to support freedom and democracy in Venezuela. The Governor called on the complete freedom of Leopoldo Lopez, a political prisoner currently on house arrest, and all those wrongly imprisoned by Nicolas Maduro’s regime.

Governor Scott said, “I was honored to rally with the Venezuelan people today against the brutal Maduro regime and once again demand freedom and democracy for Venezuela. Today, as hundreds of people rallied together, a clear message was sent to Maduro and his gang of thugs: the movement will not be silenced – freedom and democracy will thrive in Venezuela.

“Over the weekend, we were glad to see Leopoldo Lopez released from his illegal imprisonment. While this is great news, it is not enough and Leopoldo remains on house arrest. Florida stands with the Venezuelan people in demanding total freedom for Leopoldo and all political prisoners and the immediate end of the oppressive and brutal Maduro dictatorship to make way for free and fair elections and true democracy. The Venezuelan people deserve free and fair elections – not the masquerade that is being planned by Maduro’s dictatorship at the end of the month.

“Just days ago, Maduro showed his true colors once again when his henchmen violently disrupted a meeting of the Venezuelan National Assembly. This unacceptable oppression and political violence will not be tolerated and is exactly why I am proposing that the State of Florida be prohibited from doing business with any organization that supports this dictatorship. Florida will continue to be a voice for freedom and democracy in Venezuela and rally behind those fighting to end Maduro’s brutal reign.”

Last week, on Venezuelan Independence Day, Governor Scott announced he will bring forward a proposal that would prohibit the State of Florida from doing business with any organization that supports the communist Maduro regime. More details of the Governor’s proposal will be made available prior to the August 16, 2017 Cabinet Meeting.




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