Rioo Releases Electro Song “That Night” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Rioo is an American electronic dance music producer and dj duo.

Their new electro song “That Night” is out now and ready for you to listen! After hearing this one you may even feel inclined to call this track an ’emotional dance music’ track.

We are really into the idea of “emotional dance music” I am not sure if that is currently receiving attention, but for our sake, I sure hope it is!


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Tell us about ‘That Night” . How did you come up with this idea for this song?

This is the first song we have released as the duo, Rioo. A few months ago we were trying to get something going, and Gerard sent me a basic instrumental of an idea he had. I played it over and over and the melody for the lyrics came together all at once. I had these memories in my head, memories I made this past summer in Mexico. The story just unfolded into the lyrics you hear now, and the song came together pretty easily. The vibe of the music fit perfectly with the way I was feeling about that moment on the beach down there, and when a song comes together so naturally, I think that is when you know you are truly onto something. – Tyler


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I starting messing around with a demo version of Fruity Loops back when I was teenager. I would spend hours playing around with samples and different plugins, not really knowing what I was doing. Over time my production skills became better, and I started focusing on becoming a serious artist. – Gerard


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

My favorite VST plugin is Massive By Native Instruments. Its extremely versatile  and easy to use even if you have very little experience with synthesizers. – Gerard


What is one subgenre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

I am not to sure honestly, this is my first major step in the genre of EDM. I love the euphoria this type of music offers. Gerard and I are just trying to fit our alternative and pop roots into a more electronic scene. We are really into the idea of “emotional dance music” I am not sure if that is currently receiving attention, but for our sake, I sure hope it is! – Tyler


What is something that bugs you about the DJ/EDM scene?

I think my main concern is that EDM is still facing a lot of judgement in the music world. Clearly the genre is massively successful, nobody could possibly argue that, but some people do not deem it as being “real music” That is just plain silly. People express themselves in different ways, in different genres. If a song has a drop, an instrumental breakdown, or a vocal-chop chorus, some people will automatically pigeonhole it. I am hoping with Rioo that we can bring a blend of that singer/songwriter element into this dance music scene, and help raise the attention and authenticity factor that some people may feel EDM lacks. Also, Absolut Vodka not sponsoring us, that pisses me off… – Tyler


What is it that you love about the EDM scene?

I mentioned above how euphoric this genre is. It really brings people together. I love EDM shows, everyone is just there to be happy. There is no judgement, there is no drama, or maybe I am just too buzzed to notice it… – Tyler


What can we expect from you next year?

Well 2018 is the first year we have existed. We literally released our first and only song on January 6th! So expect us to get better. Expect us to work incredibly hard, and expect a Camila Cabello feature over the summer! – Tyler


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