Throwback Thursday: Robert Miles “Children”

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Welcome back everyone to another EDM RANKS Throwback Thursday! This week we’re taking you back to the 90s; to one of the most iconic and tracks of EDM culture, that is, Robert Miles’ “Children”.

The song was originally released in Miles’ home of Italy in February 1995 as part of an EP on the DBX record label.

Surprisingly for a song as catchy as this one, it did not chart at the time. It was only after DBX owner, Joe Vanelli, brought the song to Miami—where it was heard by Platipus Records’ Simon Barry—that the song was released again in November 1995 and became the massive hit we know today.

Possibly the most interesting things about “Children” are Miles’ motivations for creating it.

In a 1996 interview with Billboard Magazine, he explained that this song—which he described as a “midnight doodle”—was inspired initially by pictures of child victims of war brought back from Yugoslavia by his father.

His other motivation, he explained, came from the string of deaths of young Italian club goers of the burgeoning EDM scene who were frequent victims of weekly car accidents caused by intense raving as well as drug and alcohol use. The public outcry over this phenomenon—known in Italy as “Saturday night slaughter”—compelled Miles to create a mellower track he could use to end his DJ sets. The thought was that it would give the audience a chance to ‘cool down’ after a night of extreme partying and clear their heads before heading home and, thereby, reduce accidents.

Thus, Robert Miles became known as one of the pioneers of the new EDM genre known as dream house. “Children” is a soothing mixture of soft four-on-the-floor kicks, acoustic guitar arpeggios, and its most recognizable feature, the beautiful thematic piano melody. Twenty-two years later “Children” is still a masterpiece.

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