Roger Shah Releases “Call Me Home” Club Mix & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Roger Shah has just released his new club mix version of “Call Me Home” with the vocals from Aisling Jarvis, EXCLUSIVELY on EDM RANKS.

Click play and stream “Call Me Home” the extended club mix below. Keep reading for the Roger Shah Interview below.

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The original version of “Call Me Home” below on Youtube is a bit different, dont forget to check this out also!

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EDM RANKS got a chance to sit down with Roger Shah and ask him about “Call Me Home”, his favorite VST plugins, and plans for 2018.

We also got the inside scoop on Roger Shah’s upcoming album coming out soon in 2018 called “No Boundries”, how he started producing electronic dance music, and how he started to DJ.

Check it out below!

Roger Shah Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Tell us about “Call Me Home” How did you come up with this idea for this song?

This song is actually an original song from Aisling Jarvis album, she is such an amazing talent, btw also the daughter of Moya Brennan and her aunt is Enya, since I’m friends with that family I discovered her talent and when I heard her own album I’ve been blown away, so i picked two song from her album and reworked it as a collab but we also wrote an original new song together which gonna be also featured on my forthcoming artist album which is set to be released around april/may 2018. Aislings original genre is kinda singer/songwriter/acoustic, so for the extended mix and video version i kept it very organic and just added cool grooves to it while there is also a club mix where I took the track more into my trance direction.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I grew up and learned to play keys with young age and from there went into music theory and especially orchestration since I always wanted to become a movie score composer, but since there is not really a movie scene in Germany I naturally shifted into dance music, maybe that’s why I ended up in the trance genre. Composing trance melodies is almost like composing orchestral main themes. I played as a local DJ and made a name as weekly resident in our hometowns best club around 1995, this way I got in touch with people from the record industry in Germany and soon I signed my first record deals. Working as a full time composer/producer/artist since 21 years now and still not tired 🙂


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

There are so many great sounding plugins out there, hard to have one favorite but my usual go to synth plugins are spire, omnisphere 2, nexus, sylenth, massive and i use almost everything from native-instruments.


What can we expect from you next year?

I had a great past 12 months already, ended 2016 with the prestigious asot tune of the year crown and celebrated two consecutive top 10 albums on Itunes, especially in the US and just signed with APA, one of the biggest entertainment agencies in USA and just came home from my Dreamstate debut which has been overwhelming. So for next year you can expect a lot of new music, a few singles taken from my forthcoming album which will have the name „No Boundaries” and we plan to release it around April/May. It will be my first real artist album since 2011 and it will be my main focus for 2018 also with a bigger tour.

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