Ryan Shepherd Drops Deep House Release “Something To Say”


Toronto native based producer and DJ Ryan Shepherd has released an amazing deep house remix that will have you clicking replay over and over.

This is a must listen to. This super chill and funky deep house song has amazing vibes and an addictive groovy deep bassline that will make you feel blissful, content, and excited to dance all at the same time. With that said it would not be a surprise to hear this song being played on the radio or in a deep house mix at your local club.

We got a chance to ask Ryan a bit about himself and his newest music release, check it out below. Dont forget this song is available for free download!

Can you tell us a little more about your new release “Something To Say”?

I have been patiently sitting on this track for couple months now and I am so excited to finally release it. I am a huge fan of Crag David, and the song “Fill Me In” has to be one of the catchiest vocals of all time. Therefore, while I was making this track there wasn’t a day when I didn’t dance around the studio as it progressed. I am really happy with how the finishing product turned out and I am super appreciative of all the support it has already gotten.

What inspired you to make “Something To Say”?

Inspiration for this track came while I was visiting two of my close friends in Hollywood a couple months back. We were sitting by the pool for the day at the Loews hotel and the warm weather and views allowed the ideas and vibe for this track to come together so organically. I’ve always been a fan of this vocal and I am so excited to finally be able release this track.

What got you into producing/DJing?

I was visiting my cousin in Toronto around 6 years ago and he had just purchased a small Vestax midi controller that he was beat matching and mixing tracks on. He introduced me to tracks like Warp 1.9, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, and Bangduck and after that I knew I needed to be a part of this movement. It also helped that I grew up playing the drums and other musical instruments so producing and djing came to me rather quickly and I have loved every minute of it.

Do you have any plans for 2016?
Just to continue putting in the time and work on production. I have 2 tracks that are close to being finished and will be out in the coming months so be sure to look out for those. I also plan to be touring across Canada and hopefully make a few stops across the US as well throughout the summer.

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