S7EVE NO7ES Releases “First” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


S7EVE NO7ES (Stefano Croce) was born in Italy in 1977, at only 15 years old he began producing and DJing.

He performed for many years in the best events like Thunderdome, Defqon, Decibel, and all the party ID&T, in addiction to all the D-Boy events.

S7EVE NO7ES – “First”

“First” starts with a pulsing alarm sound and a thumping bassline.

The song really grabs your attention and keeps it the entire time and slowly fades into a nice warm piano melody, which is accompanied with warm synths and uplifting ambience.

From here the song opens up like a rose blooming in the summer.

Beautiful arps fade in and take you away to a beautiful happy land, when all of a sudden the song drops back into a hard electro house groove.

Reminds me a bit of the Deadmau5 style, i dig.

S7EVE NO7ES’s passion for the hard style continues well into 2017, as he has started a new music project with his own record label, 77 Notes.

The first EP “Phase 1”, and the second “Here I Am” gained lots of attention being playing in many web radio, electronic shows and more.

In August 2017 S7EVE NO7ES started a collaboration with Logical3 Radio and every Sunday goes On Air with a new Music Show.

Recently his release of EP “i’m Nobody” with his label 77 Notes, launches two new singles and starts a partnership with Media Records group in the label First planet.

I got a chance to talk to S7EVE NO7ES about his music and ‘First”, check it out below.

S7EVE NO7ES Interview

Tell us about “First”. How did you come up with this idea for this song?

Every day and every moment we producers have ideas and inspiration, even from small things.
“First” is born in a beautiful summer morning and the first thing that I did that day was the melody of this track,because my way of producing always begins with the melody. That’s why this title.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

My career began in 1995 and developed with the entry in Dboy Records with the Armageddon Project.
With Armageddon Project I created Hardcore music from 1999 to 2010 and i played in several festivals I was given as much satisfaction as a prize for me very important “Master of Hardcore Award” Best International Industrial Artist in 2003, but I did not feel any more motivation in that kind of music.
I needed a change but i cannot live without creating music. Then, in October 2016 my new electronic music project was born, I created my team and my label 77 Notes (the name of the label was born from my birth year).


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

To create my tracks is Acustica Audio Purple P-1 and VST instrument Sylenth-1.


What can we expect from you next year?

Music is my life and i hope to bring good emotion to the people listening to my music,i think that you can expect so many other news and good music. The 77 Notes will also have to grow because one of my wish would also be to help the many good artists who unfortunately no one listens.


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