Serge Bulat Releases “Third World Walker” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


If you like chill out electronic music, you will love Serge Bulat .

His debut effort, the audio visual project “Queuelbum” gained positive reviews from the music community and earned an IMA award for Best Electronic Album of 2016. The project launched in USA, France, Australia, China and Argentina.

Serge has just releases his new EP “Third World Walker”, and got with EDM RANKS to discuss the new album.

Producing more of an alternative type of electronic music, serge has his very own unique style. We try to describe it below, but as you know its very hard to describe music. The only way to explain it is to listen for yourself below.

Serge Bulat – “Looking Glass”

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“Looking Glass” begins with an beautiful piano that gives you the feeling you are in heaven. The melody is so vibrant and chill it makes nice ear candy, later in the song some vocals of a man and woman begin fading in, you cant hear what they are saying really but it adds a whole new depth and emotion to the song.

 Serge Bulat – “Walker”

“Walker” begins with nice soothing drums that begin to mix in with ambience and atmospheric vibes. “Walker” is very chill in the beginning and transforms into a down tempo beat with melodic pieces move all thorough the song in a unified harmony.

EDM RANKS had a chance to ask Surge some questions about his music, how he started to produce electronic dance music, an inside look at “Looking Glass” and more, check it out below.

Serge Bulat Interview:

Tell us about “Looking Glass”. How did you come up with this idea for this song?

Looking Glass came from a good place and good intention. It was written long before the Queuelbum era. I wanted to make a track that will represent what I’m doing and feeling at the moment. Music came spontaneously, but the text was thought thoroughly. Then, I just brought the draft to a friend’s house, where we were experimenting with some dance tunes. An idea popped in my head, and, I offered Sakura to read the text with me. We tried a couple of things, and then I just mixed the various takes. The whole thing ended up being something of an AI dialog-meditation. The music became the third speaker, which had a story of his own.

What are the voices saying?

The voices are dehumanized transmitters of the story; kind of beings or tools that are used to deliver a message.The storytellers discuss the relationship between two people, who are out of control of their fate, but in charge of creating a new life. It’s told from fate’s prospective and the new person created. To put it super simple, child recalling his parents’ life together. It’s very romantic, naive maybe, but also multi-layered, mysterious and bizarre.

What Inspired you to make this?

There is definitely a message implanted. At that time, I positioned it as an ode to my parents, due to the fact that they had a very unique, contrasting and inspiring story that affected me deeply. Plus, I felt this was a good energy to put out. Looking back at it, I think the track wrote itself.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

Well, I started clubbing pretty early, and hit the so called essential times of dance music. Then ventured into radio, where I could contribute to the crowd myself.  When there are tones of music in your life, you become selective, and more certain about things you like. That, in turn, narrows everything down to creating your own stuff.  In order to find what I sound like I needed tools, but not much was available. I jumped into sampling and integrated it in software used in radio circles. It was bizarre and even silly maybe, but for the time being it did the job. Radio mixing was exciting but pretty one-dimensional. I remixed a couple of tracks for various artists and then moved to New York. Here I figured what I wanted to do.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

Not really. I rarely save any presets, this keeps things exciting. I am using Cubase for some time, which is probably very unorthodox for making electronic music.


What can we expect from you next year?

There is new music to come. I’ve been trying a couple of genres, some tracks are very EDM and some are completely experimental.  It’s a lot of fun, and I’m taking my time to fully enjoy the process.

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