Skream: “Come with me, or fuck off:” Skream talks life after dubstep



Oliver Jones, or aka “Skream” has a new motto:

“Come with me, or fuck off:”

The Thump documentary Come With Me goes into more depth than before, as Skream talks about the early days of the UK’s dubstep scene through to its world domination, his subsequent disillusionment and move into making and playing house, techno and disco.

“It [dubstep] was about a vibe, almost meditation at one point,” Skream says.

“That movement is still going, but I’ve kind of been there, I did that the first time around. We did an important thing, we built this sound…It just wasn’t exciting any more, it just got the point where it was all about drops.”

“We’re all to blame, it’s not anyone’s fault other than our own. You just wanted to make people go crazy, and that’s what they was going crazy to: ‘Trancey’ breakdown, big build-up, huge squealing drop. I fell into the trap of playing shows like that – it got to the point where I had to play certain records, and I was never about that. It got to the point where I felt like a robot.” he says.

Skream goes on to say how working with producers Instra:mental and DBridge – and Modeselektor would invite him to play a one-off techno set.

“I was listening to so much different music, and I couldn’t play it out – I couldn’t play a disco record at a dubstep night,” he says.

“This is a new chapter. Come with me, or fuck off.”

Watch the full 11-minute documentary here below.

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