Skrillex & Diplo Produce EDM Music for Justin Bieber, & Pop Stars

skrillex and diplo produce edm music for justin bieber and pop stars


News is beginning to surface that Skrillex and Diplo have been working with Justin Beiber to produce a track for the pop star’s music, with an EDM twist.

DJ SKEE reported on Dash Radio, The LA-based DJ radio personality claimed that some DJs on Dash’s payroll got a unique chance to hear the new record themselves.

The track is said to “crosses over a bunch of different formats” and will “catch people off guard.”

Not confirmed by Skrillex or Diplo’s camp, their Hot 97 interview hinted at future collaborations with big time pop acts.

In a Hot 97 interview earlier, Skrillex mentioned future collaborations with 2 Chainz and A$AP Ferg, Swiftly deflecting and diverting attention away from him when asked about a Nas partnership, Also revealing that Jack U has four tracks with Usher stored away.

Diplo revealed;

“I just worked with Madonna as well and we had a bunch of songs that were standard for her, then one night we got kind of drunk and we wrote the song right there on the most ridiculous beats; it’s a record with her and Nicky Minaj. People know me and him as really progressive I hope, so when they come to us for a beat, they want something to scare their children.”


Skrillex comments;

”I think now it’s more diverse. In 2011, when things really got big, it was like deadmau5, then it was Justice, and then Daft Punk and it was more narrow minded. Naturally, kids are just going to have a wider range. I feel like house music coming to America is something that they never had access to.”


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