Skrillex Meets Slayer, Who Is Zardonic?

Zardonic Dubstep Drum and Bass DJ EDM Artist


Heavy EDM fans, This ones for you.

Fists raised in the air, People crushed against each other and about to burst through the steel barricades. Security forces gaze forward with a mix of aggression, tension and fear. Monstrous decibels pound each and every human in the chest, relentless, overpowering, captivating. It’s Skrillex meets Slayer. A singular entity, Meet Zardonic.



The same way Skrillex opened the the golden ticket for an EDM genre that was never heard before, In 2008 with Dubstep, Zardonic is doing the same with Drum and Bass and Metal EDM. Venezuelan born Zardonic is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer, composer and mixer.

Zardonic isn’t just about noise; it’s very musical. The notes, melodies, progressions, it’s all very metal. It’s rich in a way that’s hard to achieve with a lot of heavy electronic dance music.



Hes right. There is something about Zardonic’s music that is captivating, Different, Unique.



Zardonic’s music expands into a heady mind trip through extreme metal inspired electronic music along with Drum and Bass, with the same signature sound warped through various tempos. Dubstep isn’t Zardonic’s recipe, but fierce vocals, guitars, break-beats, hardcore and Glitch do burn brightly in his music.

“The house DJs, the trance DJs, it felt like a closed niche. Skrillex blasted the doors open for the more underground sound, ” Zardonic explains.

Not all of his music is up my alley, but most of it is; I have a lot of respect for him. And dude, if it wasn’t for that one track he put on a free OWSLA compilation for me, I’d say at least half of my fans wouldn’t know who I am.



A handful of metal acts have introduced EDM elements into their songs, but nevertheless remain confined to the heavy metal scene and heavy metal fans. A Zardonic performance at an EDM festival, mixed down as club tracks, boasts huge subs go head-to-head with the hardest electro out there, enhanced by distorted extreme guitars. It’s the perfect balance of the two worlds, fully capable of dominating in each.

Most of the club DJs and electronic music producers that tried to put some metal elements into their music, it was pretty much just drum and bass tracks or electro tracks with a couple of samples here and there, chopped in. It wasn’t like they were composing actual metal songs.



Whether performing for 10,000 people in Russia, headlining EDM festivals across South America, or dominating Europe and Japan, Zardonic represents an immediate yet timeless musical apex striking a nerve across nationalities and false boundaries of any kind.

Also, Dont forget to check out Zardonic‘s official website.

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