Sonible’s smart:Comp Compressor Provides Great Compression Results In Seconds


The Sonible smart:Comp audio plugin compressor is perfect for master audio compression.

smartComp will analyze and ‘listen’ to your song and set the best configuration for it with the ‘smart state’.

The spectral sidechain mode (frequency dependent ducking) should be really interesting for EDM artists and music producers.


How Does This Audio Plugin Work?

smart:comp helps you to get started with the compression of a track fairly easily, since it does all the parametrization automatically. With assisted mixing this plugin that can help the user find the best setting.



Continuously analyzing over 2000 bands smart:Comp is like an intelligent high resolution multiband compressor that smoothes out imbalances.

Frequency-dependent ducking in sidechain mode seamlessly merges signals that compete for attention within the same spectral regions. smart:comp ‘listens’ for potential spectral clashes and dynamically ducks affected frequency regions of the input signal.


The UI is very simple and intuitive, making it playful and obvious to use. This compressor is a must have in your plugin collection.


What are you waiting for?

Download the Sonible smart:comp plugin today!

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