Sound Reacts to Science

Sound Reacts to Science


When ever you are dancing to electronic music in the club or at a EDM festival, your ears are picking up invisible sound waves, lots of them.

This isn’t the usual EDM news, But is still related to electronic dance music. Whether it’s live music at EDM festivals, or a dump truck dropping a load of dirt. Any time our ears hear something we are hearing sound waves.

In physics, sound is a vibration that propagates as an audible mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through a medium such as air or water


Sound Waves

Invisible to the human eye but audible to the human ear, Sound waves travel thru the air every day into our ears, every second, every minute. Even silence is still noise, Unless you are in an sound proof studio, but even then you can still hear your own heartbeat.

Sound is a mechanical wave that results from the back and forth vibration of the particles of the medium through which the sound wave is moving. If a sound wave is moving from left to right through air, then particles of air will be displaced both rightward and leftward as the energy of the sound wave passes through it. The motion of the particles is parallel (and anti-parallel) to the direction of the energy transport. This is what characterizes sound waves in air as longitudinal waves.


The way you are about to see how sound reacts to different things in the video above in different environments is definitely going to make you think of sound differently.

In this video we watch how Sound reacts to science. Water and sand can be shaped, manipulated, and distorted by sound, With soundwaves. Dont forget to watch the reverse effect at the end of the video.
To go a bit further into depth about water reacts to science, Check out this video below.

Water. What is it? We all interact with water, we’re all made of water, and yet in science today we don’t even really understand what it is. There are many questions about water and what it is that we really don’t have conclusive answers too. Yes ~ Science has answers for many of these questions, and the thing is is that it opens up even more questions. Why do things happen in the way that they do? Why is it like that? What does it mean for the bigger picture.

For the message of this video is not to say that Science is having a hard time understanding something, but rather that there is an even larger understanding of Water and its importance for life that we can look at and be open to discussing. And even as a theory, these ideas make way for a grand understanding of what Life truly is.

It is actually a wonderful thing, because admitting we know little about something gives us an opportunity to find something out.

When we REALLY look at water (As we do in this video), we can see there is SO much more to Water than meets the eye, and the understanding of what it is can open up to something far grander than what we originally perceived it to be. Water is Life, and it is You.

The movie that this information + videos were from was called Water – The Great Mystery. You can find links to this documentary in the credits of this video itself. Watch the credits!!

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