Soundcloud Could Be Sued For “Massive Copyright Infringement”

Universal Records Finalizes Soundcloud Streaming Deal


Bigger than any EDM news or the latest EDM DJ feuds, This very well could be the last days and counting for the worlds biggest and most popular music uploading network for artists, DJs, musicians and producers of all sorts worldwide.

For many years Soundcloud operated like a well oiled machine, but now it seems the online music sharing giant is about to collapse under the weight of its own users who made it so popular.

Zefr, the same company used by YouTube to scan content for copyright infringement in videos is taking down the songs that belong to some of the biggest record labels. Zefr uses a sophisticated and highly accredited algorithm for detecting copyrighted material and removes it. Even for majors artists with their owns songs, But technically its not the artist’s song once its signed with a record label. Its property of the label. This happened with Kaskade and Rob Swire, just to name a few.

As one could say, or.. Some major record labels are saying.

fuck you pay me

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Yes, Soundcloud might be getting sued by some of the biggest record labels in the world, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and possibly even the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). If one of these heavyweight’s were to file a lawsuit, Soundcloud may still have a chance, but many lawsuits at the same time, it could be goodbye Soundcloud. As we have all slowly been watching the declining road Soundcloud has taken in the recent years.

As much as it hurts to type that, it will hurt even more to see Soundcloud go if this is the case.

Grooveshark thought the same thing wouldn’t happen to them either, wrong. They recently sank like a ship in legal troubles, gave up their website, and wiped their servers clean to please the same people that Soundcloud is dealing with right now currently.

But Soundcloud failed to reach the proper deals with other major record labels like UMG and Sony, the talks seem to now been dissolved in favor for a legal assault on the music sharing website.

The music industry has been relentless to Soundcloud, forcing them to take down entire catalogs from most of its major artists. Warner Music Group looks to be one of the only major labels not to sue, as they reached an agreement with Soundcloud in exchange for a 5% share. Which makes you wonder, why did Warner Music Group sign for 5%? Well, maybe its because all the others are too greedy? Or is it because SoundCloud SVP of Business Development and Strategy Stephen Bryan, use to recently work at Warner Music Group?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to one simple explanation, Soundcloud is hosting songs on their network of servers that are not their property, and worse than that, are not paying the owners of this property any royalties, the record labels, the artists, etc.. Except, for Warner Music Group’s 5%.

If Soundcloud cant figure something out to solve this issue, they could very well sink like a ship the same way Grooveshark did.

Now more than ever DJs, producers, and artists are now looking for a new alternative to where they can host their music online.

If we have learned one thing today, Its never put all your eggs in one basket.

Source: Digital Music News

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