SoundCloud Has 99 Problems, Falling Traffic Isn’t One of Them


SoundCloud has 99 problems, But why isn’t falling traffic one of them?

2015 has been a battle for Soundcloud, battling multiple copyright lawsuits including one from UK-based PRS for Music, the situation has apparently been choking the cash supply for Soundcloud, sources say, Hiring a strong legal team and putting a tight grip on money for future research and development to make the platform better.

The Soundcloud-DJ stand-offs have wreaked havoc of hundreds if not thousands of artist pages, and listeners. These aren’t average DJ Joe pages either.

Last month, Skrillex asked Soundcloud to please stop taking down his music, just one of several electronic dance music DJs to voice his frustrations.

There’s kids that only go on Soundcloud and will never buy at iTunes and even never go to Spotify, and that’s how they listen to music



Skrillex told Charlie Rose in a Jack U interview mid-August 2015.

Skrillex explains how many people satisfy their music listening on Soundcloud only, and rarely make it to another music network to buy music online.

And what that does is it eliminates a huge asset and is cutting off our music to an audience that could potentially come to our shows and be fans.



 Top Ranked DJs Complain to Soundcloud

Hardwell is another top-ranked DJ who wants to see Soundcloud change their take down notices.

hardwell_complains about soundcloud


Please guys, get your shit together, I keep getting copyright problems while it’s released on my own label.



Hardwell tweeted to Soundcloud.

And it doesn’t stop there. The DJ list of Soundcloud rants goes on..


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