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Soundcloud is a great audio software platform where producers, DJ’s and musicians can share their music for free, or was?

Now you can expect annoying product placement ads alongside music you listen to on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is joining the ranks of other large software companies like Facebook, Pandora and Spotify.

SoundCloud’s press release doesn’t say when and what exact changes yet but we can only imagine what happens when big corporations get involved.

Here’s more detail about On SoundCloud, The new SoundCloud creator partner program. Here’s a full breakdown.

On SoundCloud

soundcloud introduces ads

Soundcloud Introduces Ads


On SoundCloud has three tiers: Partner, Pro and Premier.

  • Partner – is a tier for you if you’re just getting started: it’s free and easy to join the community, share your first track, receive feedback and get basic stats.
  • Pro Partner – A paid offering if you’re ready to take the next step On SoundCloud. Pros get more upload time, advanced tools, features like Spotlight and detailed stats. As an added benefit, at the Partner and Pro levels, we’ve increased upload time by 50% — you’ll get it automatically if you already have a Pro or free account.
  • Premier – creators will have the opportunity to make money from their tracks through advertising. It also includes Pro features and more benefits. At launch, entry to the Premier tier is by invitation. Monetization occurs only on content when it’s played in the US. We’ll open up the program to more creators and more countries as fast as we can.


The introduction of advertising is an important step for creators. Every time you see or hear an ad, an artist gets paid. If you’re in the US, you’ll start to experience occasional ads from our brand partners. We’re bringing ads on gradually. In addition to supporting creators, ads will keep the service free and open for people to listen to SoundCloud.

Creators have been at the heart of SoundCloud from the beginning. As we continue to develop our creator partner program we will bring you more tools, support, offerings and opportunities. We can’t wait to hear what you create On SoundCloud!

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