Spinnin Records Launches New Subscription Model “Spinnin’ Premium”


The world of music is changing fast, some record labels are actively making the change to survive in today’s ever-changing market, like Spinnin’ Records, which is one of the top labels in the EDM industry, who has just announced their latest way of operating.

Spinnin record is releasing a new subscription model for selling songs, instead of money, they will take your email address. Pretty simple, right?

Called Spinnin Premium, the new music download service will focus on 100% free music that can be downloaded within 2 weeks – the only thing you need to give Spinnin records is your email to unlock free song downloads and premium content.

The music industry is changing rapidly. Focus is shifting from paying for your music to streaming and other freemium models. People are now expecting music to be available how and whenever they want it. We’ve always acknowledged this by sharing as much of our releases as possible on social media and streaming sites, now we break down that final wall by giving away the music as free downloads.

Spinnin’ Records CEO – Eelko van Kooten


The new move embraces how the music industry is leaving a music purchasing model and moving towards free music streaming models.

Martin Garrix also just announced something similar at ADE 2015, where he revealed his new music would be released for free, and it’s clear Spinnin’ is following in his footsteps.


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