Spotify and Apple Music Will Finally Have Unofficial Mixes


A long overdue feature is coming to both Spotify and Apple Music soon, They will finally host unofficial remixes, and soon full DJ mixes!

Its hard to believe that Spotify and Apple Music will both be supporting remixes, and DJ sets..

Dubset CEO Stephen White has said:

“Mixes are coming next!”


Apple struck a deal with Dubset in March, and Spotify landed a deal in May, and now the remixes are finally beginning to stream with the first songs up today.

White says 700 million people a month listen to mixed content, making it a big opportunity. But record labels have historically fought against unofficial mixes because they considered them piracy since they weren’t getting paid. Dubset gives them a fair share, so they’ll permit remixes and mix sets to stream on the major platforms. Royalty revenue from the platform is shared with rights holders while Dubset gets a cut.


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