Spotify Stops Music Upload Feature For Artists


Spotify no longer allows artists to upload their own music.

Spotify has ended it’s beta music upload feature for independent artists and music producers on the streaming platform on Monday.

By the end of July 2019, the music streaming platform will totally stop accepting new uploads.

Usually, the music on Spotify is delivered by third-party distributors like Tunecore, CD Baby, DistroKid and EmuBands. But in September of 2018 Spotify started allowing artists to upload their own songs.

The artists that are signed to a label don’t usually face any problem with their music getting out there. However, independent artists are required to distribute their music by themselves.

This music upload program was taken into consideration and released by Spotify after a thorough request from the artists themselves. However, according to the feedback from the various artists, Spotify was advised to improve their experience by already supporting the work that’s done by Spotify’s distribution partners.

This program allowed the indie artists to upload their music totally free-of-cost with the beta music upload program was available for access to quite a few individual artists. This move to end the program didn’t sound that shocking as the program was considered to be convenient only in the books.

However, unless a musician chose to remain exclusive with Spotify, there was no point for them. And the artists that desired to reach out to Deezer, Apple Music and other services were required to go through a third-party distributor totally.

The music streaming giant said it will focus it’s energy on features and tools that will make Spotify better.

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