Spotify vs Tidal, A Higher Quality Streaming Music Platform

tidal music streaming service


Streaming music platforms are slowly and steadily taking over the music industry, with Spotify, Beats Music, Pandora and 8tracks just to name a few.

The music streaming trend has companies looking to get in on the streaming game more than ever, each offering some different features than the next.

Meet Tidal

From a company called Aspiro in Scandinavia, Introduced the latest online music streaming service.

Tidal just hit the States and UK this past weekend. You might be wondering, what’s so great about Tidal?

Tidal is a new ‘high quality’ music streaming service with FLAC and ALAC formatted songs, which have a higher audio fiedlity than your regular MP3 library.

Tidal is available on iOS and Android devices at $20 a month. (Update: They have changed it to $9.99 a month now after heavy criticism)

What do you think?

Will Spotify stay the #1 leading music streaming service, or will Tidal take a piece of the pie from the streaming music industry?

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