Steve Angello: The Current State of ‘EDM’ & Why All Music Sounds The Same Lately

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Earlier, we came out with our Ghost Producers + Cash = The Next Big Mainstream DJ article.

Now we are moving on to explain the current state of the ‘EDM Industry”.

As you can see in our ghost producers article above, Just about anyone with $300-$500 can now buy an ‘EDM ghost produced song’.

Then turn-around and sell it on Beatport, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon mp3 and all the other major online music retail stores for their claim to fame as a legendary edm producer!

Which now makes it even harder for the real upcoming bedroom electronic producer to compete with the rich kids who buy professionally finished mixed-mastered tracks to earn their 15-minutes-of-fame.

This started happening around 2011.

Our first recall of this is an asian dj, who got real famous around 2012.

His dad owns a bunch of fancy restaurants.

Since then ghost producers have monopolize about 50% of the edm industry, And is only increasing.

The commercialization of EDM has caused Deadmau5 to rename EDM to “Event Driven Marketing” he said at the 2013 South by Southwest festival.

“It’s so big now it’s just getting milked,”



“There are people looking for it and exploring but I feel it’s so big now it is just getting milked. House music is losing all its melody as it becomes more about how dirty the drop is and how energetic it is. It loses touch with what music really is. It’s gotten to a point where everything sounds the same. There is no longevity in what’s happening at the moment.”



Avicii told the Guardian.


“I feel like I’ve heard 10,000 DJs playing the exact same sets”

-Porter Robinson


DJ & producer Porter Robinson told to Androids Dance.

Deadmau5 also chimed in this spring saying:

“EDM all sounds the same to me.”



Because of this, You get people like us to battle it, hence EDM Ranks.

There is still hope.

Our friends at FPIA (Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) had a nice conversation with Steve Angello on this topic,

Asking him what he thought about artists buying help on his record label, Size Records.

Take a look below:




Above Steve says how he would rather produce his own music still rather than paying a ghost producer.

Straight up.

Very interesting, we didn’t know he ghost produced some other songs.





Steve says how producing music is his passion, which yes.. is so true.


Above Steve says how him and his label Size records are supporting and finding the up-and-coming producers with talent,

This is what we love to see.

We want to really Thank Steve Angello for being so honest and public out this topic, brining more attention to it.

Much respect to you Steve.

We know you still produce your own stuff as well and your label Size records.

Keep up the good work.

So now the question is, how do you know who is real and who is fake?

Good question.

Do some research on Google.

Or Just keep reading our blog for the latest EDM News.

We think you are smart enough to figure it out.

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