Steve Aoki Sue’s


The comedy EDM News website is officially being sued by Steve Aoki.

We have received a cease & desist letter from Steve Aoki’s hot shot Beverly Hills legal team threatening to sue us for lots of various things, all explained in the boring cease & desist letter which you can read here. It sure was printed on lovely paper though!


In the past Wundergroundmusic has written other EDM blog articles making fun of Steve Aoki, along with poking fun at many other EDM Artists.

It seems someone has struck a nerve making Steve Aoki offended, But people only get offended if something is true, Right? Or maybe just sue an entire EDM new satire website in order to get a bunch of news coverage and press to promote his new upcoming album, Neon Future.

Basically to summarize it all up Wundergroundmusic created the image below, a digital mock-up and put it on a crowd-funding campaign website.

(Crowd-funding campaign website serve one purpose. To raise money towards a project that usually does not exist yet.)

Below is a picture of what started the lawsuit.


Ask Me About My Shit DJ Impression.

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