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Stimming is definitely a mysterious type producer, As it is a challenge to find good information about him. Thinking about it though, It makes perfect sense because his music and productions are just as mysterious.

Martin Stimming is an eletronic producer from Hamburg, who records mostly for his hometown label Diynamic imprint.

Stimming, A German house producer who is one of ten producers who made our Top 10 Most Underrated Producers 2014 list. Because unlike a lot of edm artists and DJ’s today, Our Top 10 Producers actually produce their own music.


In 2008 he collaborated with Einmusik on the ‘Mesdames EP’, which included the track ‘Madleine’ with H.O.S.H. on the ‘Trilogy EP’ from where ‘Radar’ was taken from. The same year he released ‘Una Pena’ that samples Chilean folk singer Violetta Parra.

Further releases include ‘Gaensebluemchen’ (2009) and ‘Cheesecake’ (2011) on Joris Voorn’s Green label, as well as ‘Kleine Nachtmusik EP’ (2008) and a collaboration with Ben Watt, ‘Bright Star’ (2010) on Watt’s own label Buzzin’ Fly

2009 – Reflections 

In 2009 Stimming Released ‘Reflections‘, Which is one of our favorites. Everysong is so unique with groovey percussion and nice deep rolling basslines. Sounds you have never heard before that will leave you scratching you head wondering what the hell you just heard, but your brain loves it!

The Loneliness, Tel Aviv Calling, The Beauty, Sleep On, The Kiss


Gaensebluemchen is another favorite, this minimal chill out deep house track. Just wait till 1:37, it will make you want to jump out of your seat and dance!

Kakusei is another really different track with another sweet deep rolling bassline and cool Jamaican-Rasta vocals.


In 2013 Stimming Released another album, ‘Stimming‘. Which had a total of 12 tracks.Live Stimming Set in 2013

2014 – The Southern Sun EP

Released on Pampa Records, Stimming releases 2 really cool new tracks on this EP. China Tree is track 1, a groovey deep minimal track with sexy female vocals.

Track 2 is Southern Sun, which feature nice vocals from Piper Davis.

If you have never heard about Stimming before, now you have.

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