STRIPTEK Releases New Song “Still Alive” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

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STRIPTEK is a electronic dance music producer/DJ trio from Durban in South Africa.

The three members consists of Darren Bezuidenhout, Paulo Moutinho and Victor Wright, who have all been close friends for a very long time and decided to make music together.

STRIPTEK then began exploring the world of music production, software DAW programs and DJ mixing equipment. Darren had always had an interest in the process of making music and purchased the software and began learning the ins and out of music production.

STRIPTEK – “Still Alive”

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Paulo had the DJ equipment and started mixing in the tracks they had created with different music styles that they listened to and loved. With some time, all three were adding valuable and constructive input into all of their earlier work, all quickly learning the production elements in creating EDM.

STRIPTEK Interview

Tell us a little bit about your song “Still Alive”, How was this song born?

We started off constructing a fun, bouncy bassline, and initially we weren’t to sure what to add to it. We experimented with some electro synths and eventually created a nice melody to compliment the track. We wanted a “feel good” type of song, but also one that would do well in the clubs.


What inspired you all to produce this?

Well we were very excited to create a Future House “Summer” track, as we are moving into Summer here in South Africa.We are all for sun,sea,surf and good music!How did you get into producing electronic music?With different musical backgrounds, the three of us decided to combine our knowledge to create something new and original.


What DAW do you like to use? Whats your favorite VST plugin?

FL Studio , NI Massive and Sylenth


What can we expect from you in 2017?

Well in 2016 we focused on producing. We have always wanted to make good music first and foremost. In 2017 we are wanting to perform alot more and tour our country playing all major clubs and festivals.


How did STRIPTEK start?

Striptek was basically started off a social gathering between friends in April 2015. We write most of our music at the Striptek Studio in Durban North, South Africa, and it is where we create beats and melodies.


Individually the guys had always had a musical interest, however their taste in music differed initially. Darren preferred the Hip Hop genre, Paulo preferred the hard hitting EDM and Victor loved Rock and Metal. They found that their different backgrounds proved helpful in them finding their unique sound and style.

In February 2016, STRIPTEK quickly fell in love with a genre called Future House. It has now become their favorite form of House Music or EDM. Their first attempt at Future House was a remix of Alan Walker’s “Faded”. (which was made for non-commercial use) Since released it has received amazing feedback and racked up decent numbers on Social Media sites such as SoundCloud and Bandcamp┬áSTRIPTEK’s first official future House release was a track called “I Feel You”. It got a lot attention and has been supported by radio stations such as 5FM, 947FM, MegaZone Hit Radio, Durban Youth Radio, Capital 104FM and Kiss FM Australia.

The track has also been supported by well known South African DJ’s such as Das Kapital and Mark Stent.”Ana-Konda” was be released at the end of August 2016 and has been exclusively previewed on a major South African radio station. Which lead Striptek being asked to perform a guest mix, on the same radio station to showcase and introduce Future house into South Africa. They currently have three tracks on rotation throughout radio stations in South Africa.

In August 2016 Immoral Music SA signed “I Feel You” and “Ana-Konda” and the EP was released on the 19th October 2016. STRIPTEK’s new track “Still Alive” has been signed by major European Label 5howtime Music and will be released soon. They have had guest mixes played on various radio stations in South Africa as well as Canada and Australia. STRIPTEK prides themselves in their work ethic, determination and belief in the brand.

STRIPTEK would also like to thank 5howtime Music for all the support, check them out at 5howtime Music.





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