Studio Sessions With Stimming

Studio Sessions With Stimming


Stimming sits down with Future Magazine to reveal some new technology for producing music, along with some Stimming secrets and production tips.

From his studio Stimming begins telling Future Magazine about how he wrote his first song as a little boy at the age of 7 or 8 years old.  Stimming goes on to tell us how the songs were “pretty disgusting”. The mysterious musician tell how he started in the music scene, and how he played the piano first, some violin that he didn’t like, and then the drums, Stimming goes on to say how he use to be a drummer in a drum and bass band for about four years.

When Stimming was 16 he found the computer and was “totally amazed” at how one person could single handedly produce a full song all on your own, instead of being one part of it. This was the moment Stimming knew this is what he wanted to do the rest of his life. Stimming comes from a small town called Butzbach, and there they had a little shopping mall where they sold a dance machine and software. Stimming says how he bought it for 30 d-mark’s (Deutsche Marks), and even laughs a bit at how it wasn’t even Euros. (Germany adopted the Euro in 2002)

Stimming Produces With A Tablet

Stimming tells Future magazine how he switched to Mac early on and used Cubase to produce because he loved how precise it can be. Watch the rest of the video to see Stimming produce electronic music on a new tablet device technology.

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