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Even though Electronic Dance Music is thought to be an all-encompassing genre of all types of EDM music, the reality is far from this.

Even though EDM itself has a wide range of genres and styles, and respective artists and producers associated to each, not everything electronic and musical can be brought under the umbrella term. If anything, this music is mostly exclusive when it comes to taste and quality. EDM is not just rhythm and beats; it is a way of life!

Here are a few popular styles of EDM music that will help distinguishing between which music is EDM and which is not.


This genre has hit more crowds than hitting a record of 110 to 150 beats per minute. It has gained immense popularity in Electronic Dance Music ever since it came to life in Germany. Trance has famously built its reputation around construction and deconstruction of melodies. Crowds of thousands have jumped to its beats, anticipating the crescendo and reveling in the dissipation of the drop.

Even though it has been equally popular in the U.S. and Europe alike, both regions witness it flourishing better in their local color when played there. This genre has sub-genres namely Tech, Vocal and Progressive. Some of the famous records of trance music can be found under Garuda, Perfecto and Armada.

Since any music genre is hollow without the artists that propel it to the heights of success, DJ Shah also known as Sunlounger is a renowned German trance artist who has been serving the music industry since 1996. Some of his record-breaking tracks include No Boundaries.  This music is what infuses life in raves and keeps dancers on their toes till the very end—and even long after!


This is one of the most notable genres of EDM and has quite a few sub-genres: Progressive House, Electro House, Deep House, Tribal House and Tech House. Richly infused with American culture, this style dates back more than thirty years!

Originating in Chicago, this style culminated from the popular disco and electronic rhythm of four-on-the-floor, into most known genres of EDM today.

Some note-worthy labels which can be listed under House music are Dirtybird, Toolroom records and Ed Banger.

Anatol Cyberia is a Russian-born artist who is currently among EDM Rank’s own members and plays within the genre of House. Headlining many clubs, Cyberia established a wide fan base fairly early in his career and enjoys the fame to date.


  • Progressive House

Leaping forth in the late 90’s and close to the millennium in UK, it had evolved from an American/European style of music dedicated to the 80’s. Emerging from the disco-inspired music born in Chicago, Progressive House developed a taste contrary to its predecessor. Commonly mixed with the older genre Trance, this style combined deep house, dub reggae and italo.

DJs following this sound style switch from record to record when experimenting progressively. Some notable artists in this arena were names like Leon Martell.

  • Deep House

Embellished with touches of rhythmic soul music and hints of jazz-funk, this style was born during the 1980’s, developing from the Chicago-born parent genre: House.

With music ranging somewhere between 100 to 125 beats per minute, the combinations of melody it offers is truly divine.

Artists that have excelled in producing some popular Deep House pieces include Gianni Kosta who is a French remixer and producer. Beginning from native clubs in his country, this name soon grew to be known world-wide.


Electro-punk also known as Electro combined flavors of punk, electro-pop and boogie. German and Japanese influences later became one with rap and hip hop found in Electro. This later also gave way to the evolution of Electro House as a sub-genre of the primary genre: House.The success of Electro House genre sky-rocketed during the early 2000’s.

Future Bass

Future Bass is one of the newest edm genres to be born.

Refining his skills at DJ-ing, the artist has been practicing since the age of 9, motivated by his God-gifted ears which are naturally tuned to pick the beauty in sounds and create music. Waiting to pounce at the right opportunity, the artist developed and evolved at every stage of his long-standing career!

Some notable names to mention for Future Bass is Subaholic’s.

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  1. There are 3 subgenres in Trance which include Progressive ,Psychadelic (Psytrance which is the fastest growing EDM genre in the world) and Goa Trancewhich is stil going strong!Also do not forget Neurofunk and Techstep which are brand new genres

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