Subaholics Releases “Call Me” [EXCLUSIVE]


Recently on EDM Ranks we featured Subaholics infectious house creation “Would I Lie”.

Since then Subaholics has wasted no time at all, having released his new single “Call Me”.

Cranking out back to back hits like these, Subaholics is sure to have people calling back for more.

Subaholics – “Call Me”

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While it’s a departure from house vibes, “Call Me” shows off Subaholic’s future bass chops. Peppered with drum & bass and vocal samples, “Call Me” keeps his taste for massive bass front and center.

The buildup gets your head bobbing and the drop will have you throwing your hands in the sky with its anthemic chords and swelling synths.

Subaholics Interview

Tell us about “Call Me”, How did you come up with this idea for this song?

I was going through some sort of a depressive period in my life, I had broke up with my ex almost a year before I wrote this song and I still hadn’t managed to get over her so I started writing an emotional chord progression wishing my ex would “Call Me” during some point of me writing this song. I then looked for vocal sample that says “Call Me” and it just went on from there onwards


What Inspired you to make this?

My inspiration unfortunately came from my ex… I’m happy that I don’t need her to “Call Me” anymore though haha


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