Subaholics Releases “Fly Away” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Subaholics is back with another great amazing edm tune, but this one is less catered to the dance floor and more for easy listening that will take you on an adventure of various thoughts.

Is that what he wanted us to think when hearing this song? I think so.

After releasing Call me, Would I Lie, I’m Alright, Future Analog, Deeper Love, and other amazing edm tunes Subaholics is on a roll.

Subaholics – Fly Away

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“Fly Away” was inspired and created after Subaholics broke up with his girlfriend and was ‘in an emotional mood at the time when iwrote Fly Away’.

It seems some of these emotions have defiantly shown through. At least for me, i found myself thinking about my past and other things and events that happens in my life when listening to Fly Away. The song just does that to you.

Music is a very powerful medicine, and can heal the brain. how? Read that link and see for yourself.

begins with a catch percussion that is quickly joined with a swooshing chopping ambient synth that will relax you and make your brain feel good.

The smooth deep house vocals of Jasmine Knight compliment the ambient synth melody and the signature Subaholics uplifting vibes.

“Fly Away” is definitely the perfect title for this song, as at many times listening to this song i felt like i was actually flying away on a market carpet ride, especially 2:40 break down.

With quality music like this Subaholics could soon be collaborating with artists like Armin Van Buuren, ATB, or Cosmic Gate.

Subaholics Interview

Tell us about Fly Away, What motivated you to produce this?

I’d just broke up with my ex so I was in an emotional mood at the time when I wrote Fly Away. I finished the instrumental within a few hours as the ideas were floating through my mind, once done, I then sent it to my Vocalist and dearest friend Jasmine, and the rest is history 🙂


How does it feel to have multiple songs in the Top 10 song charts?

I’m honestly Flattered and chuffed! Can’t even express how happy I feel against having all of these songs on EDMRanks charts.. Thanks to everyone who’s supporting each and every single one of them


What is your favorite VST plugin?

It’s my baby SERUM 🙂


What can we expect from you next year?

You can expect huge news from me very soon, before new years 🙂


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