Subaholics Releases ‘Heartache’ & Interview


Subaholic’s has been busy in the studio, and it’s definitely showing.

The #1 2017 Top DJ/Producer has no sign in slowing down. After crushing the edm charts in 2017 with his hit “Call Me” Subaholics is back with another great edm tune for us called ‘Heartache’.

‘Heartache’ is a great feeling song that can be played anywhere from the nightclubs to major festivals.

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Dont forget to check out the exclusive Subaholic’s interview below on how he produced Heartache, how he started to D, and tips for upcoming DJs.

Subaholics Interview

Tell us about ‘Heartache’ What was the concept for this track?

Heartache” is a song I wrote in one of my most painful moments related to my past. No I am not an emo and I don’t live/survive on pain lol But I am a quite emotional person and I always express my feelings in my songs. The message was out to someone who was once so important to me…


What was your favorite part of producing this song?

My Favorite part of the song is the keys and the vocals. I love the whole song but when the second drop comes in with the keys, bass and vocals all at the same time, boy that took me away for a second.


How did you begin Djing?

I began djing when I was 15 with the school Parties and birthday parties. Producing came very after than that, actually not long ago haha


What would you like to tell upcoming djs?

My advice to up & coming dj’s will be to stay focused and not let any stupidity to distract them from where they are heading in their career.


What can we expect from you this year?

I have a lot of songs coming out within the next few months which are going to be great help for my career, also going ADE in October so that’s a first for me


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