Subaholics Smashes EDM Charts With “Call Me”, Releases “Im Alright” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Wondering what the latest EDM news is recently?

Well, After smashing the EDM charts with “Would I Lie” and “Call Me” ranking in at #1 EDM Song at the moment  Subaholics is back with another amazing future bass hybrid song, “Im Alright”.

Subaholic’s – “Im Alright”

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The song begins with a breakbeat style drum pattern that blends with an amazing swooshing synth in the background and sexy female vocals that builds up to an addictive future bass drop.

“Im Alright” features the signature sound of Subaholic’s with his unique catchy synths and melodies, background effects, percussion, and female vocals.

Subaholic’s Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

What inspired you to make this?

I was listening to “Mura Masa” on youtube and I really loved the way the way he used the drums in his latest song “Love Sick”. I immediately got inspired and started layering down the drums of “I’m Alright” and the rest followed.


What was your favorite part of producing this song?

To be fair I loved producing the whole track if I’m honest, cos I just let my imagination and creativity to combine with one another and flow as they wished to. The result is here 🙂
Does the female vocals represent any hidden message?

There is always a hidden message in every single one of my tracks 😉


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