Sylenth 1 Might Sue Carnage After Using Cracked Version Of Software


After posting an ‘808 tutorial’ thru Razer Music, it didn’t take long for people to see DJ Carnage was using a pirated software version of the popular analog VST Sylenth 1. Video shown at the end of the article.

carnage piracy

Above you can see a screenshot taken from the 808 drum tutorial that features Carnage, Look inside the red square, the software says:



Licensed to DONTKNOWHO? Is this a cracked version of Sylenth 1? A Carnage fan tweeted at the trap DJ/producer about his use of the cracked VST software in the 808 video tutorial. Carnage replied with;

lmaoooo  wtf why does it matter?

The Feud Gets Better

Then Sylenth 1 manufacturer, Lennar Digital responded to DJ Carnage on Twitter. Saying “Hi, we’re happy to make it a matter. You do understand you don’t have any copyrights using illegal software?”

carnage pirates vst software sylenth

The FPIA, (Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) who is devoted to exposing fake DJs and producers who use ghost producers to produce their music for them continued the twitter feud by further Tweeting about how Carnage could lose the copyrights to his music from using the pirated music software.

Carnage responded to them also.

The FPIA-Carnage

On a laptop that Carnage claims wasn’t his, Carnage release an 808 drum tutorial to try to teach upcoming producers and DJ new productions tips, it looks like Carnage was the only one who was taught something. Not to release music video tutorials online while using pirated software.

By the way, Lennar Digital (Sylenth 1) isnt against people pirating their software, just as long as you purchase it eventually.

We do understand people using a rip until they’re able to pay for it. This is a way of enabling true artists to earn it 😉

Lennar Digital (Sylenth 1)


Sylenth 1 piracy

In Carnage’s scenario, this is not the case. For a world famous trap DJ/producer who often plays in some of the biggest electronic dance music clubs and festivals in the world,  $155 seems to be a small slice of the cake from his profits each year.


Carnage Throws 10k to crown, 0 for Sylenth license

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Razer music has since cut all ties and rinsed themselves clean of Carnage deleting him from their website, and all his tutorial Youtube videos form their channel. While Deadmau5 and DRYO still remain on the website.


Check out the 808 Drum Tutorial Video below that started it all.

The videos, which were originally deleted, have now been re uploaded onto other Youtube channels. Dont you just love the internet?

Video transcription:

Whats up my name is Carnage, and I am here at East West Studios here in Hollywood, California. Today I will show you how I like to make my 808s. This is how i make my 808’s with my Razorblade.

I have a couple of ughh, go to 808s that I use since the beginning of when I first started making beats so, I have an 808 here that I got from an old pack, it’s its a really pretty basic really toned 808 that ive ended up learning how to manipulate the shit out of. Ive used it for all my biggest tracks as 808 and ugh all my festival trap stuff, my space man remix i did, one of my biggest songs i used that. I used this for incredible, um my track with Borgore.

I like to layer my kick with a short kick and also with an 808 so i would have the just umm your kick right there I end up I end up usually taking ugh out so it just makes it smaller and tighter so it normally be.

You know you kinda, kinda hear the different a little, smaller and sharper. take down all the trim outa it so it spreads it out, tighter it up, because a lot of times when you have an 808 and you dont take the trim out theres a like space in the begging, you know, it justs helps a lot big time.

When i was in the city with big germ a couple years ago he taught me the levels adjustment not just using the levels up here but using like the levels the volume here. It just adds a whole i dont know what it does it just makes everything super louder so compared to (THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP), That to, (THUMP THUMP THUMP) it just yea, just really adds like a whole (THUMP THUMP THUMP) just makes it, sound very very way more stronger. Umm have that you knnow i put that in the EQ and i kinda just raise that around here to make a lil THUMP THUMP THUMP sharper than also you can make like, louder or just way more thumpier, but to really get a nice like top kick where its like really crunchy i like to just put it around here then i bring in the 808, as usuall you can see im using the ugh, the Fruity Loops equalizer which i always used is one of my main EQ’s that ive always used for everything i mean its a GREAT EQ that Imagline Line has created. The 808 right here im gonna put it on so you can hear a big difference. But without it would be, and with it, it just, it just add, it brings the tone up a lot on the 808 so if your making like a rap record and you  wana make that really thumpier tonal zaytoven type kick you know you add a lot of you add alot of ugh, tone to it, a lot of, a lot of, you know deeper, so it just sounds better when you play it on a lower octave.

Real Zaytoven-ish. I made a pattern which is pretty simple, with the top kick. Then ugh, added ugh with the bottom kick so well have that with the 808 which is, lets see, so loop this, you hear a big difference, its really like. you know then after you have your top kick and your 808 you kinda just mess around depending on the instrument that you have above it. Umm, To really just find out find a pocket where the 808 kinda just you can hear the tone of it very strong and it still has a really heavy thump to it. It just really depends on the instrument so you gotta just find an area for it i mean thats just something you have to like have a good ear for. So a perfect example ill use a example, so i have this, this sound which (melody begins playing) You basically just find  a good, a good ugh, of the kick.

Porter Robinson once told me with synths, you can compress the living daylights out of synths and then just lift it you can play them as loud as you can and still, and you can, and it still wont like over clash like the music, but the 808s and kicks are really really important. Everything has to fit really well, with the bpm, with the swing of things, 808s its a big part of the track to me so you really have to sit down, sometimes i sit for hours and hours, just messing with 1 kick, just until it sounds perfect. I mean i seen sessions where Kayne West is in the studio and hes had like 12 different master mixes, 12 different kicks, 12 different 808s, And you know these are the guys that i look up to so I really sat down and just tryed to learn how to you know 808s all volume, all Eq’ing the final outcome of um how Im gonna take out all the other sounds out so you can actually hear the 808, ill keep the snare so you can find the groove, but ugh, (melody begins playing) Those tips and tricks work with anything your making you know. its all about volume, EQ’ing and really finidng that 808 that matches with that the sound you have and the drop or the track or you know whatever the use for that kick. So thats how I make my 808s using my razorblade.


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