Sylvermay Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Sylvermay is a French trance producer from Paris.

Releasing a selection of original tracks and official remixes on labels that include Armada, Enhanced, Black Hole Recordings and Perceptive Recordings. One of the artist’s most notable works was an official remix for Ronski Speed, on his track “I’m Alone” on Euphonic Recordings.

Sylvermay’s sets on Trance in France have been well received internationally. This French progressive and trance podcast is broadcast weekly on FM stations across 15 countries. Since 2009, Sylvermay has held the respected position of a prime performer in the stable of internationally acclaimed artists.

He thoroughly enjoyed the esteemed opportunity to play alongside trance luminaries Markus Schulz and Cosmic Gate on the podcast in April 2014. This event was aired on the prominent French station, Radio FG. Through this station, the producer was also gifted with the chance to participate in the studio showcase of the “M1X-DJ” and “A5-Pro” dj gear co-designed by Philips and Armin Van Buuren.

We sat down with Sylvermay to ask him about his upcoming tour, how he got into Trance, and more.

How did your love for music begin?

I had a deep affinity for music since the age of 4 were I heard for the first time Electronic dance music through MTV and some of the German music radios and channels who played tracks like Paul Van Dyk “For an Angel”, Robert Miles – Children, ATB,…I later found out that this style which I was stuck to since the 90’s was called Trance.
At first music was for me a way to express myself, share good moments with friends or to just relax. But later I started to understand that music wasn’t just sound, but a beautiful message to the world. I connected with it and learned its importance in my life. This helped me a lot and especially to cure sad moments that we can get in everyday life.
Trance music wasn’t the only style I was hearing as I really wanted to expand my knowings in music and to learn each message delivered through notes, beats, lyrics coming from different cultures and nations. So, I used and still do listen classical (Mozart, Beethoven..), Jean-michel Jarre, Hanz Zimmer, Pop Rock/Disco (Michael Jackson, Queen, Police..) and even Reggae (UB40, Bob Marley..).

When I was 7 years old my taste of music became more and more important, and my ears started to memorize what I was hearing. I wanted to feel the notes in a physical way, but since I hadn’t the money to buy hardware, a friend of me who was my neighbor, loaned me his old “CASIO” synth to play and practice. I first had no idea what to do, and which note to start with, since I never took music lessons, but I trusted my ears and started to reproduce melodies I was hearing in my favorite songs.

Years passed, and at 14 I was thinking what kind of music defines me best, and which one can combine everything. So, I heard again and again all sort of music, and finally choose Trance. For me, Trance has the gift to mix different styles and bring them in a new level of magnificence were everything becomes one.

I then started to DJ with a friend who had turntables and some vinyls of classic trance tracks from artists like : Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Blank & Jones, Paul Van Dyk,…Spinning music was fun for me and really helpful to understand that djing is more than just mixing tracks, but an art were you have to build up a set that has a story and were all elements are well combined to give everything a sense.

But I later wanted to be more creative and to share my love for music with people from all over the world. Seeing the crowd dancing on your music and being played by other DJs is something that motivated me and brought me into music production.

It has been a decade now that my love for music is growing, and were this beautiful thing called “Trance” helps me to express myself to every listener. I now look forward to get more opportunities to share my passion with the world and to share joy, love and memories with the crowd.

Really dig Winter Lake and Dream on, What motives you to produce these type of chill out tracks?

Thank you! Producing chill out tracks, is for me a more sentimental and calm way to express myself or to translate something I saw or lived.

Winter lake was written and produced on the Christmas period. At first, I was thinking what kind of story it shall take as I really wanted to give something special to my fans, so I woke up and decided to start writing.  I used inspiration from many things like the season, the Christmas family moments, and even “The Hobbit” movie which brought me the idea to use Celtic vocals and Harp instrument for the melody.  A half day later Winter lake was born.

Dream on was made late in the night after watching one of my favorite movies,”Inception“. I wanted to translate the mood I had after that movie and started to combine sounds together to create my vision of dreams. I then sent it together with another track “Never Forget”, to the respected artist, York who agreed on releasing it on Planet Love Records/Armada music.

Your track Afrika is so unique and different, What inspired you to produce this?

Afrika started with a funny thing, I was watching a movie called “Kirikou and the Sorceress” which is about a young african newborn boy, Kirikou, who saves his village from a witch. I then began to play with sounds to make a scene in a african village combining calm, dangerous and joyful moments. It later was shared on the internet, and I received many good feedbacks of it, as well as requests for video reports for organizations etc.

One of the organizations is called “France Volontaires” and they used Afrika for their report. You can check it on Dailymotion
(French/Spanish language):


Soon you will embark on your first organized tour in the U.S, Europe, India, Asia and Australia, What will some of the biggest challenges for you and how excited are you?

I would say that my biggest challenge is to select the right tracks for the right crowd in order to give them something special and unique for each set. So yeah, I’m really happy for the opportunity given to me and excited for this tour to kick off!


Sylvermay’s music works have been played by the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Ronski Speed and Sean Tyas, lending credence to his artistic acumen. The future is bright for this passionate producer of heartfelt musical experiences.

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