Sylvermay Releases Prometheus / Ushuaïa Trance EP


Trance producer/DJ Sylvermay has releases his new EP, Even getting support from Trance legend DJ Lange.The new EP Prometheus / Ushuaïa by Sylvermay is out now on Maracaido Records and available on Beatport.

After our exclusive interview with Sylvermay back in March we realized he had way more planned than we thought. Now it’s time we get to hear what he has been working on.

If you like emotional and energetic trance you will enjoy “Prometheus”. There’s not many trance acts coming from France, So “Maracaido Records”  was more than happy to welcome the brilliant producer/DJ Sylvermay in its label roster.

Catchy right from the first beat, and when you think the breakdown strings and melodies just refilled your energy, the drop will just launches you even higher!

“Ushuaia” bounces out of its sonic hole bursting with life subtle percussion, huge golden arpeggios and magical piano theme that teases all the way through keeping you on the edge of your seat!

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