Tyko Trolls Mainstream EDM

Progressive house producer Tyko has clearly stated his view on the mainstream EDM songs that have flooded the top 100 beatport charts and radio in recent years. Tyko posted this Facebook video saying; “What the bloody hell was that?”. Imitating what Harry Potters best friend Ron Weasley says at the end of the clip after […]

10 Best 2014 EDM Songs

EDM has been the fastest and newest growing trend for the past 5 years. And its not stopping anytime soon. With Soundcloud worth more than $700 Million and over 40 Million registered users, EDM, electronic music and EDM artists have never been more popular. The EDM monopoly’s in the EDM Industry dont make it any […]

Tyko – Skyfall

Today there are many underground EDM artists producing EDM, but few as smooth as Tyko. In a world where many EDM producers and DJs choose to follow the EDM trends and play/produce what ever the latest and greatest new EDM genre is, Tyko goes in the other direction playing music from the soul. What ever […]

Kyau and Albert Interview

Ralph Kyau and Steven Moebius Albert are known to the electronic dance music world as Kyau & Albert, One of the most original Trance DJ/Producer duos on the electronic dance music circuit. The two Germans have produced a collection of massive club hits including ‘Made Of Sun’, ‘Velvet Morning’, ‘Walk Down’, ‘Kiksu’,  ‘Are You Fine?’, […]