Interview With A Music Industry Executive On Music Streaming

Recently we discussed Why Music Streaming is the future for the music industry and DJs/artists. Now lets take a look and get some advice and perspective from a music industry executive, Mr Roy LaManna. The music industry is changing fast lately. With music streaming being a very hot topic and buzzword lately EDM RANKS sat […]

Is Music Streaming The Future?

The internet has completely exploded in the past 5 years with over 3,342,577,800 people using the internet and that number is only increasing by about 6 people every second. That’s a ton of people. But the next question is with all these people, is Music Streaming The Future? Is Music Streaming The Future For Music […]

Watch Taylor Swift Rap Drake & Future’s ‘Jumpman’ Then Fall Off Treadmill in Apple Music Ad

Taylor Swift shows her comedian side in the latest of new series of Apple music ad’s. The singer who famously criticized the streaming service ahead of its launch in June 2015 — and persuaded the company to change its policy of not paying royalties during an initial three-month free trial — now stars in four 30-second commercials for Apple Music. The first ad dropped […]

The Future of 4DSound & Music

Paul Oomen, A 31-year-old who is head of a project called 4DSOUND, Picked up Jordan Rothlein, An author from at Amsterdam Centraal to go take a sneak peak at this new epic sound system. If you can even call it that. Built from rough industrial metal, it’s comprised of 16 cylinders with the height and girth of […]