Toronto Police: ‘Cookin With Molly’ PSA

Toronto Police have responded with an EDM public service announcement video for electronic fans and ravers; ‘Cookin With Molly’ on the Toronto Crime Stoppers Youtube channel. Dangers of Molly aka MDMA #SocialResponsibility for a safer Toronto. Lets get this poison off our streets — 1800222TIPS (@1800222TIPS) January 10, 2015 The public service announcement ‘Cookin […]

Tommie Sunshine: EDM, Drugs, & Molly

Tommie Sunshine may not be the ‘#1 Top DJ’ in the world, But his knowledge and experience in the EDM scene surpasses 99% in the EDM scene right now. In an exclusive guest editorial with inthemix, Tommie Sunshine discusses people saying EDM is dead. The music we love, he says, is only going up from here. My mission for 20-plus […]