DJ Jounce Explains Some Very Useful Production Tips For Producers

DJ Jounce recently recorded a Facebook Live video where he highlighted important EDM song production techniques he used in producing his latest release ‘MURDER THE TRACK’ in Ableton Live. For any melodies or leads, Jounce explained the importance of having different layers and components to create a full sound and variety in what might otherwise […]

Rock Venue Goes EDM

An iconic venue in Detroit, Michigan; The Magic Stick, Has closed its door temporarily while they undergo $300,000 in venue renovations to be transformed into an EDM club. The owner Dave Zainea says The rock and roll market is saturated, it’s time to change   I’m excited about it   Zainea says construction on the […]

CollegeHumor On American EDM Festivals “If Music Festival Commercials Were Honest.”

Electronic music festivals are known for creating elaborate, vibrant and detailed HD videos of their concerts advertising up to the day of the event; And even producing official aftermovies like Ultra’s 2013 ‘Relive’ video, So you can remember the experience even after the electronic music festival is over. But few electronic music festivals mention the […]

The EDC King; With The $30 Million Touch

The king of online Business Industry, Forbes; sat down with one of the biggest kings in EDM, Pasquale Rotella. Pasquale Rotella tells Ryan Mac’s author for Forbes how he spent more than $30 million on this year’s (2014) EDC event and how his company is now working with Live Nation. For those of you at work; You […]