What Is EDM?

With electronic dance music and EDM being one of the most popular and fastest growing types of music in the world, many people still dont understand what the word EDM means. A lot of people wonder today, what is EDM? Well it’s time to set the record straight… Why Call It EDM? In short, it […]

NEXT – Midinas Dream

Next is an electronic producer from Germany. Next mostly produces progressive house and house songs, If you are a Deadmau5 fan you will be familiar with this sound, He also has some drum and bass, dubstep and other songs in different genres too. The track below ‘Midina’s Dream‘ is definitely a song that could make […]

Mindless Desire – Drowning

Mindless Desire is a German electronic producer producing house and progressive house music. His track Drowning, came very close to making our Top 10 Best EDM songs for 2014. Soundcloud: Warning, Drowning is one of these songs that gets stuck in your head.. for a long time. No need for typing and trying to explain […]