Skrillex Talks ‘EDM Bubble’ & Justin Bieber Relationship

“I enjoy working with Justin Bieber!”   Skrillex says. In an interview before Coachella Skrillex spoke with Rolling Stone’s Brian Hiatt, Skrillex briefly talked about his controversial work and relationship with Justin Bieber. When asked about the Deadmau5 rant on Justin Bieber using Skrillex as a tool, here’s what Skrillex had to say: “If he […]

Skrillex Meets Slayer, Who Is Zardonic?

Heavy EDM fans, This ones for you. Fists raised in the air, People crushed against each other and about to burst through the steel barricades. Security forces gaze forward with a mix of aggression, tension and fear. Monstrous decibels pound each and every human in the chest, relentless, overpowering, captivating. It’s Skrillex meets Slayer. A singular […]

Skrillex & Friends 2014 SuperJam Documentary

The  long awaited Skrillex EDM documentary is here! Below is a series of videos that show the process Bonnaroo’s Superjam 2014 artist team. Superjam is a special set during Bonnaroo’s 4 day edm festival, where DJs/Artists and producers from different genres join forces to make edm history and create a memorable music festival. Welcome to […]