Best EDM Documentaries & Videos

In the past years there have been many EDM documentaries and videos, but what are the best EDM documentaries? Below we have compiled the best 13 EDM documentaries and videos for you. Did we miss one? Let us know! If you find this page interesting or useful please share this with a friend or friends […]

Sound Reacts to Science

When ever you are dancing to electronic music in the club or at a EDM festival, your ears are picking up invisible sound waves, lots of them. This isn’t the usual EDM news, But is still related to electronic dance music. Whether it’s live music at EDM festivals, or a dump truck dropping a load […]

Baauer: Searching For Sound Documentary

In the 26-minute documentary, Baauer: Searching For Sound, viewers get an inside look at how Baauer transforms these found sounds from raw files to record. Joining him on the journey, and back in the studio in New York, is his friend and Red Bull Music Academy alumnus Nick Hook who is helping with production on […]

The Future of 4DSound & Music

Paul Oomen, A 31-year-old who is head of a project called 4DSOUND, Picked up Jordan Rothlein, An author from at Amsterdam Centraal to go take a sneak peak at this new epic sound system. If you can even call it that. Built from rough industrial metal, it’s comprised of 16 cylinders with the height and girth of […]