Produce Unique Electronic Music with Stimming

Stimming is back with another interview on electronic music production. For upcoming producers and DJs this is a must see. Watch as the technically astute and highly organized electronic music and house producer Martin Stimming gives Electronic Beats TV a tour of his audio gear in this Slices Tech Talk. His set-up is based around […]

The Future of 4DSound & Music

Paul Oomen, A 31-year-old who is head of a project called 4DSOUND, Picked up Jordan Rothlein, An author from at Amsterdam Centraal to go take a sneak peak at this new epic sound system. If you can even call it that. Built from rough industrial metal, it’s comprised of 16 cylinders with the height and girth of […]

Stimming: The Mysterious Producer

Stimming is definitely a mysterious type producer, As it is a challenge to find good information about him. Thinking about it though, It makes perfect sense because his music and productions are just as mysterious. Martin Stimming is an eletronic producer from Hamburg, who records mostly for his hometown label Diynamic imprint. Stimming, A German house producer who is one of ten producers who made […]