Tom Booth Releases “Ready To Go” Techno Song & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Tom Booth has just released a groovy deep techno song that will fit great into his upcoming gig at The Walkabout February 24th in Liverpool, England.

Tom also just released his new Techno song “Ready To Go” with Pandemic Records, a new multi gerne electronic dance music record label.

With support from Regillio, Andero, Ensis recordings, and Discovery sounds to name a few Tom is just getting started, Check out “Ready To Go” and our interview with Tom below.

Tom Booth – “Ready To Go”

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Tom Booth Interview

Tell us about “Ready To Go”. How did you come up with this idea for this song?

‘Ready To Go’ is a very different type of track for me with its tech feel and its powefull Bass its definetly one to hear at the club! The idea just came out of no where I was in the Middle of editing the vocals getting them ready for one of my other tracks and i always make a drum loop to help with editing the vocals and it was a very techno drum loop as you can hear it the second drop this is what pushed me to make it into the tech track it is now!

What Inspired you to make this?

There wasnt really an inspiration for this track just what i said in the last part! this was all out of my own head no refrence tracks to help me think of new ideas it was a quick track to make as there is not a lot to this track but it all works so well.

Do you have any future collaboration planned with other artists?

I do have a few upcoming collaborations which i cant name the artists its with just yet but i can tell you the genres, the is a electro track with an amazing local producer to me and then i have a progressive house track with a great duo who i always talk to and then a trap track with someone i have already collaborated with, a lot of different genres coming!


What digital Audio Workstation do you use?

I use two different DAW’s all for different aspects of my track i use Fl studio for most of the track the mixing the mastering and creating the overall structure of the songs.
And i use Ableton to create the melodys and the drum loops also to edit vocals.


What is your favorite song of all time?

This is a really really hard question as i enjoy so many songs but my overall song and which made me love dance music so much has to be ‘AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Tiësto Feat. Lover Lover ‘People Of The Night’ (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Remix)’ This really is a incredible example of how amazing dance music is if you have not heard this please listen and it will take you somewhere else.


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