The D Stands for Diversity: 5 EDM Artists That Push the Boundaries of EDM



“When words fail, music speaks.” – William Shakespeare


The past 20 years have seen a rise in electronic dance music. Blending contemporary music with old school classics, more and more EDM artists are gaining recognition for their incredible talent.

It’s not just because they’re expert entertainers in their relevant fields, but because they’re breaking the norms of society! Pushing past creative limits, and incorporating diverse range of sounds, EDM artist are truly magicians in their own right.

But even amongst the best, there are artists that rise above the rest and have the potential to conquer the world of music with their immense talent.

With that in mind, these are the top 5 EDM musicians worth checking out:


Avicii may not be amongst us but is legacy still goes on! With hits like “Wake Me Up” and “The Nights” Avicii has been credited by numerous artists for creating their hit singles.

Besides his collaborations, he’s regarded as one of the best DJs and record producers of our time.

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

Martin Garixx is known for openly experimenting with different sounds and breaking away from the chains of creative limitations!

With hits like “Animals” and “The Only Way Is Up” (In collaboration with Tiesto) he’s become a household name in the industry.

Having won numerous awards for his music, he has also written songs for other artists and continues to release incredible music.

Jai Wolf

Based in New York, Jai Wolf is known for his incredible dream-like sound. Creating uplifting music isn’t easy but it’s effortless for this young talent!

He’s played at major festivals like Coachella, Electric Daily Carnival and continues to build an empire of millions of listeners worldwide!

Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe isn’t just an artist! She’s a multi-talented DJ, vocalist, and radio jockey! From punchy chords, to the in-your-face bass, she’s known for her edgy, yet captivating music!

Check out her single “Radioactive” to learn more about her incredible talent and music.


Geotheory may just be 19 but he’s a prodigy in his own right! Growing up, he was exposed to various genres and blends different sounds to create incredible music.

His music is full of harmonic sensibilities, complicated synths and an abundance of creativity!

Make sure you check out his song “Cleopatra” if you’re looking for something calm and soothing, and yet uplifting!

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