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4d sound system


Paul Oomen, A 31-year-old who is head of a project called 4DSOUND, Picked up Jordan Rothlein, An author from at Amsterdam Centraal to go take a sneak peak at this new epic sound system. If you can even call it that.

Built from rough industrial metal, it’s comprised of 16 cylinders with the height and girth of young palm trees. 

-Jordan Rothlein




4D Sound

4D Sound sound system cylinders can be added or removed, to create as many or few as you need to accommodate the amount of people in the area.

4d sound midi controller

4D Sound with Lemur & Ableton Live

Producers and DJs both have a very new way to control live music.

Minimal/Deep and Tech house producer Stimming played on 4DSound, he says:

“On 4DSOUND, very basic mixing things like panning or loudness/volume don’t count anymore,”


“The excitement even a very simple sound produces is huge, so stripping everything down to basic sounds was something very important. Our ears are not used to hearing artificial sounds as real sounds, so our senses are overexcited.”


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