The Rise of EDM Artists & DJs


Whats a producer? Definitely not a DJ. Whats a DJ? Definitely not a producer.

A DJ and a music producer are two total different breeds, but sometimes you find both in one person.


Today, DJs are still seen as the gods and forefront of EDM, EDM Festivals and clubs. That is… Until they get caught Fake DJ’ing.

Then the DJ is viewed upon as a clown.

fake dj paris hilton

Fake DJing?

Pre recorded sets, Ghost Producers, and people DJing for you gives EDM DJs a bad name. I wont mention any names, but there is a big list of fake DJs today.

EDM Producers

Today electronic dance music producers are the new heroes on the rise. These EDM artists are the masterminds behind all the great music coming ‘out of the factory’. Factory being the studio. These audio engineers are geniuses of both technology and musical skills. Technologists? They use electronic devices, and synthesizers at their command to program computers to manufacture and create beautiful music.

Evan-Duffy producer

Evan Duffy, Check him out

They are the main blood line in the EDM industry, producing, creating and bringing original music and new ideas to the market constantly.

They are also the ones who create many of the free and premium EDM sample packs everyone notoriously downloads from the major EDM sample websites.

Carlos Escalona Cruz

Electronic Producer, Carlos Escalona Cruz

Especially underground producers.

laptop dj edm

Deadmau5 Laptop, With Ableton Live

Creating original music from an empty canvas. A dedicated producer will always be in the studio, No matter how shitty or beautiful it is. Fake DJs usually just wants to stand in front of 5,000 people (if they get lucky) and fist pump, buy ghost produced EDM songs, and act super cool.

The Future of EDM

deadmau5 live edm

Deadmau5 Live

The new EDM is now progressively moving towards live performances. Well not 100% live performance because due to current limitations in technology, An EDM artist/dj cannot at the moment play an electronic show 100% live.

Which in my opinion, is way more interesting than watching a DJ blend the two #1 hit radio songs together for the next hour.

There are now more liberating ways for true musicians to interact with a crowd now. Creating a revolution for the EDM scene, The fans, and the EDM artists.

deadmau5 live future producers @rukes

deadmau5 (photo credit @rukes)

Some of the latest pioneers of this have been doing it since 2008, Like Deadmau5 and Stimming. If you want to get technical we can even include, Pink Floyd (1965), Kraftwerk (1970), and Jean Michel Jarre (1972) as some of these early EDM pioneers as well.

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For changing the EDM festival game up, And bringing new life and innovation back into EDM festivals.


Stimming Live

One of the best advantages to playing live through a laptop is that you can better control exactly what you want to play, and aren’t limited to only playing songs.

Because randomness is what the human brain loves.

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