The Whole Deadmau5-Krewella Feud Explained


Its no secret that one of the most trending topics in EDM News lately is how Deadmau5 and Krewella have had many EDM feuds in the past.

The whole EDM fued started back when Krewella published an op-ed by Billboard, One of the Krewella sisters (Jahan Yousaf) wrote about how Krewella allegedly forced Kris Trindl out of the group for being “sober,”  and how Kris is a fake DJ. Kris, Was the only guy, and 3rd member of Krewella.  Jahan Yousaf wrote the op-ed because Krewella received so much hate and derogatory remarks online from fans and haters.

Jahan Yousaf wrote her opening op-ed Billboard with:

When my sister Yasmine and I got sued by our former bandmate, Kris Trindl, for allegedly “forcing” him out of the group for being “sober,” some of you told us to pursue a career in porn as we had failed at Krewella. Despite my penis being a little camera-shy, I was about to consider it. But then superstar DJ deadmau5 seemed to take an interest in us, and now I think a career in music will work out. Thank you, deadmau5, for saving me from doing porn.


After Jahan Yousaf thanked Deadmau5 for saving her from porn, Deadmau5 responded.

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