Tired Of Losing Your EDM Family & Friends At EDM Festivals?

Tired Of Loosing Your EDM Family & Friends At EDM Festivals?


Are you tired of losing your EDM family at EDM Festivals?

This is some very interesting EDM news, as for the first time ever, it looks as if Drones have entered into the EDM space, or EDM Airspace? No pun intended.

Pepsi has released a new technology; A flying Drone that will help guide you to find your lost friends at EDM festivals and concerts. Called ‘The Friend Finder’ the flying Drone floats around the EDM festival airspace directing lost fans where to go to meet back up with their EDM family by using the Friend Finder app.

Watch below Pepsi’s ‘The Friend Finder’ Drone in action at London’s Wireless Festival. If this takes off, we are almost sure to see more Drones at EDM festivals in the future.


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