TNY & LUQ Interview & Debut Song ‘Finis’ (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


TNY & LUQ are two producers/DJ’s from the United Kingdom.

The alias is made up of Tony Robinson (TNY) & Luke Booth (LUQ). ‘Finis’ is their debut track for their new EDM duo together and its an amazing track. We had a chance to interview TNY and LUQ about their new song, how they began producing EDM, VST’s and more dont forget to check it out below.

‘Finis’ begins with a deep smooth synth loop and quickly takes off building fast into an energetic behemoth. You could say this song is somewhere in the genre of trance and big room house music but the best way to find out.. is to check out the song for yourself below.

TNY & LUQ Interview

How did you get into producing electronic dance music/house/trance music?

We first came into the dance music scene in 2013 when we went our first creamfields, we always liked music but wasn’t hugely appreciative of the dance music scene, I mean of course we knew who the Swedish house mafia where, Avicii and other big names like Calvin harrris… but it wasn’t until we had went and seen all of this live till we full appreciated what it was all about. It brought people together there was no worries no nothing just music and everyone was happy. We both wanted to start DJ’ing/Producing around 2014 when we started watching tutorials from other producers on YouTube and remakes of tracks which if you’re just starting out we believe that’s a great way to start. But it wasn’t until 2015 when we started fully producing ourselves from buying our own equipment and downloading the DAW known as FL studio, which we still use now.

Tell us a little about your new debut song ‘finis’. How did this song come alive?

‘Finis’ our recent release started back around November. So some time after Initium was started, we always went off and on, like so to speak a side project. We always had the intention of finishing it but never fully focussed on it. But then it came to around July/August and we full commuted to it to have it released for mid august. Which didn’t happen because we then thought to ourselves we should start an new alias, a new start to putting music out. Which then born ‘TNY & LUQ’ so we pulled the release back and released it a little while after we started the Duo. We believe finis is more of a club track rather than a festival track. Either way it’s played we loved the outcome of it and hope everyone has too!

What inspired you and Tony to produce ‘finis’

The Inspiration behind the track finis really came from wanting to make something different and like we said before more of a club driven sound to it. Which I think everyone will agree it’s definitely more club sounding. It’s very energetic too which is perfect for the environment that we intended it for.

What is your VST plugin or instrument to use

Sylenth is my go too simply because of its simplicity and its power to make really fresh and full soundings sounds, you can easily achieve a full sounding lead when combining a number of sylenth leads and thats another reason why Im a big fan

What can we expect from you in 2016?

Well 2016 for us was the start of everything really, releasing our first track ‘Initium’ then moving onto ‘eternity’ then Tony (TNY) alone released his first single ‘Roxana’ which got some great feed back and support. And then finally we released ‘Finis’ our latest release… But 2016 isn’t finished yet and we do plan on finishing & hopefully releasing a few more projects depending on where these finished projects can take us. We also this year started our own label ‘Unicus Records’ which has had brilliant releases and had some great support from people. But as 2017 comes closer we plan to keep moving forward as a duo, label and to help other artists move forward too. We both believe & will keep believing when we started doing this that the music was first and that won’t change for as long as we continue to do this.


Dont forget, ‘Finis’ is also available for Free Download!

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