TNY & LUQ Release “Gloria” and Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


TNY & LUQ are a UK electronic dance music DJ and producer duo.

TNY & LUQ have released their long awaited single “Gloria”. With support from Corey James and many more this young duo is off to a great start.

We had a chance to ask TNY & LUQ about how they produced “Gloria”, their favorite VSTs and more, check it out below.

TNY & LUQ – “Gloria”

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TNY & LUQ Interview

Tell us about Gloria?

Funny thing about Gloria is the name, just like ‘Roxana’ (Tony’s first ever solo track) people think that they are girls names. But the meaning is much deeper than that, Gloria is latin for ‘Anthem’ because we both wanted this track to be something people could listen to, two years after the release and it still to be a breath of fresh air.Which then gave us the name ‘gloria’. There is no point releasing music unless you believe it can withstand this so called ‘bandwagon’ every single DJ/Producer seems to go through.


What Inspired you to make this song?

PROGRESSIVE HOUSE WILL NEVER DIE!! Haha, well it won’t but on a more serious note theres too much of this bring back the groove, or tribal stuff that sounds way too similar. More than likely going to hurt a few feelings there, but we aren’ there to be another bunch of yes men in the music scene, there’s enough of them already. So our biggest inspiration is the pure love for progressive house.


How did you begin producing electronic music?

Simply going to our first ever festivals, (Creamfields 2013) was the beginning of the love for this genre of music.We didn’t start fully till 2015 though. We started watching tutorials from other producers. Not even big named producers just any that we could watch, we would. One of the first remake tutorials we came across was actually ‘Zedd – Clarity’ which still to this day is a HUGE song. At the moment i Tony uses FL & Luke has been using Ableton. We both want to try move the switch over to LOGIC soon, i think as we all know whatever DAW people use it’s all down to personal preference.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

We do and without a doubt that would be Sylenth as we are both used to using it and you can easily create fresh & full sounding sounds to make the perfect track.


What can we expect from you in 2017?

Hopefully, A LOT we need to keep on the down low about certain things at the moment until we get the go ahead to speak about them.we will have some big tracks coming out that we’ve been working on. We also want to grow our independent label ‘Unicus Records’ this year,helping other producers/dj’s to get their music out for everyone to hear. We have also recently started our own event with our friends,that we will be starting this year. Not going to say the date of the first event or our main headliner but it’s going to be brilliantto have the freedom to bring in DJ’s we want to headline our own event and even better we will be playing alongside them supportingthem! So we really can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for us and the people around us.


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