TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In Chaos

TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In chaos


TomorrowWorld is an annual EDM festival held in the Chattahoochee Hills of Georgia. TomorrowWorld is also owned and operated by SFX Entertainment.

This year was not a good year for TomorrowWorld by any means as the EDM festival ended in chaos, mayhem, and confusion this year for fans. To say the least.

This very well could be going down as one of the worst EDM festivals in the history of electronic dance music.

Check out the below comment from one TomorrowWorld attendee.


SFX Entertainment is already having financial problems, so this definitely doesn’t help their brand and image now.

Bus shuttles that were supposed to bus fans from a parking lot 5-10 miles away (depending where you were at) to the main EDM festival location camping grounds suddenly disappeared. Most likely due to the bad weather and roads being flooded, But no one knows exactly why right now. Leaving EDM fans with about a 3 hour walk, one way back to their vehicles as there was no back up plan.

TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In Chaos

Fans were stuck with either walking 5-10 miles (depending where you were at) in the dark, cold, rainy weather back to their cars, or sleep where they were at on the side of the road in the mud.


But it gets worse for the behemoth EDM festival, any ADA who was there also has a pretty, eh um. Very, very good chance at suing the TomorrowWorld festival for negligence treatment to disabled people. By not offering an option to transport any disabled person the festival takes on a major liability. One of the many lawsuits that is almost very soon to follow. Not including the reported rapes, reported deaths from overdose, and people being robbed because lack of security, or just sleeping on the side of the road in inhumane conditions in the middle of the cold night with no lights.

How would you feel?

This is not inhumane, its deplorable, and sickening.

The TomorrowWorld chaos left their customers with

  • No food
  • No shelter
  • No water

For an entire night, to say the least…

It Gets Better, or Worse?

From this alone, I dont blame those asking for a full refund for their ticket.

Social media exploded on the festival chaos, With users posting angrily and uploading pictures and video to Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook about the festival mayhem.


And one TomorrowWorld fan posting a Facebook message saying:


TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In Mayhem


Below is an actual video of fans standing helpless in the dark, rain and cold in the middle of nowhere as Georgia police attempt to control and help organize the situation.

TomorrowWorld 2015 ‘Easy Tent Camping Full Madness’

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.07.42 PM

Easy Tent Camping Full Masness? It looks like the TomorrowWorld 2015 ‘Easy Tent Camping Full Madness’ truly lived up to it’s hype this year.

As the entire festival turned into chaos, Leaving attendees with no real information on what was happening or why.

For those who were effected for the missing bus shuttles you can get a refund here. The official TomorrowWorld website made 3 different blogs posts about the chaos, for 3 different days.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.13.12 PM

Kaskade even called out TomorrowWorld for their irresponsibility and inhumanity.

TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In chaos

And Leave it to Deadmau5 to Troll about it.

TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In chaos


As this is only the tip of the iceberg for what happened at TomorrowWorld 2015, There will surely be more to come from the apparent lawsuits and other chaos that happened.

EDM Ranks TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In Chaos

Earlier this year a class action lawsuit was launched against SFX by its investors, and also a $100M lawsuit accusing SFX CEO Robert Sillerman of Cutting Out Partners

What do you think about the TomorrowWorld 2015 chaos?

Check back for more updates.

Source / Twitter / Photo credit: EDMPocahontas

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